New Moon Journey Sessions

In New Moon Journey Sessions, Karrie Kirchner will facilitate safe and grounded space for participants to explore and attend to their inner world.  New moons are times for discovering and planting the seeds of your hopes and dreams.                                                                       

Journeys are similar to your night dreams - and just a bit different.  Since you are awake, you can remember more details and have more of an interactive part of the dream. Some people liken a journey to meditation, daydream and imaginative prayer. A rattle or a drum will provide you a pathway to travel into your Wisest Self.  In a journey, the drum beats and/or rattling changes your brain waves to facilitate our body’s relaxation response, much like meditation or essential oils can alter our awareness and mindfulness.                                                                         


Please bring a special journal and your favorite pen.                                                                                        

Each month, the journey will be based on a particular theme appropriately relating to life cycles of nature and the seasons.                                                                                                 

A class pass must be purchased for each session.


$20 in advanced

$25 the day of                                                                       

Friday April 5th  - 7:30pm - 8:45pm

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