Dearest Student,


I am closing the Shala temporarily effective March 13th until further notice. I will revisit this decision weekly based on CDC guidelines. 


While I believe in our current sanitation practices and immune systems I feel strongly that our expanded community needs to considered. 


Many of us care for family with weakened immune systems. Many of us will have children home now that need to be supported with schools closed indefinitely. 


Yoga is an integral part of my wellness practice and I’m assuming yours as well. 


I do not make this decision lightly or out of panic. This is solely related to public health. This is only temporary. I believe staying home is best practice  for our wellness right now. Social distancing is the best way to flatten the curve. 


Class cards will be frozen. Class cards will not expire. Please email us with questions or concerns. 

Please continue to move your bodies. Walk, garden, dance awkwardly and especially reach out to us if you feel isolated or overwhelmed. 


At the heart of yoga is the principle of non-harming, Ahimsa. I can not in good faith risk student health, teacher health and community health at this time by remaining open. 


In Gratitude~


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