COVID-19 Studio Policies

  • If you are not feeling well, have been exposed to COVID-19, or have been in a high-risk environment, please stay home. This is for your safety and the safety of the community

  • Masks are required within the studio as well as on the stairs entering the studio. Per CT guidelines issued 11/23/20, masks are also required while practicing. The teacher will wear a mask. There is no exception to this. No mask no yoga.

  • The teacher will take your temperature upon arrival to the studio with an inferred contactless thermometer.

  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the the studio.

  • Spaces for practice are predetermined and in accordance with CT state guidelines. Spaces are taped off with 6ft between the teacher and each student. Please remain within your spaces during practice.

  • The windows will be cracked open for additional ventilation.

  • The studio is running a hepa filter.

  • Weather permitting the teacher will teach in front of the main door and crack the main door for added ventilation.

  • Everyone must register online, no drop in or in studio transactions at this time.

  • At this time indoor classes are limited. Classes are running in 4 week closed series format. We are a very small space and covid restrictions make it difficult to meet the demand for indoor classes. We thank you for your patience.

  • Updated prices and class schedules can be found on our website as we move toward full reopening.

    All class cards will be honored and expiration dates have been extended into 2022. 

  • In-Studio class size is limited to 4 students and 1 teacher.

  • At this time we are unable to provide mats and props of any kind. Please bring your own props to support your practice.

  • We can no longer provide communal water. Please bring your own water.

  • Please minimize bringing purses, backpacks etc into the studio.

  • Teachers will remain on their mats while teaching. We are not permitted to do hands on assists.

  • We are not offering any power, vinyasa or other styles of yoga that raise respiration rates. All classes indoor moving forward will be gentle, restorative and moderate until otherwise allowed by the state. This is a consequence of our square footage.

  • The studio will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between classes using a hot steam mop and EPA approved cleaners for covid 19.

    Indoor classes will be spaced out 30 minutes or longer to allow for proper cleaning and ventilation.

  • Please limit your in studio socialization before and after class while in the studio. Feel free to catch up in the parking lot outside.

  • Weather permitting outdoor classes will resume as soon as possible. Masks will be required for outdoor to and from you car to your mat. Once seated outdoor masks may be removed for practice.

  • Class card package prices will be updated to reflect an indoor and outdoor price tier. All existing cards will again be honored until used up at which point students can purchase new packages.

  • Please feel free to contact the studio with inquiries about small private classes including private couples classes or forming your own pod of 4 students for a private class. We will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Understandably both teachers and students will be returning to indoor class offerings at a rate that reflects their own comfort. We will do our best to meet requests for classes.

  • Lastly, I am grateful to each of you who have continued to support us through this difficult time. We appreciate your willingness to leave your class packages active with us and patiently wait this out. We are looking forward to the future and offering workshops and additional opportunities to practice with us. We will remain vigilant in our cleaning protocols and procedures and continue to adhere to state guidelines moving forward.


    With Gratitude~

    Kelly Bay

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