The Daring Way  Weekend Intensive

led by

Dr. Cherie King, CDWF-C



Day 1: Show Up (Friday, 5- 9 pm)
Introductions & Permission Slips
• How Values Light the Way
• Trust and the Marble Jar
• The Myths of Vulnerability
Homework: TOSCA-3S and Self-Compassion Scale


Day 2: Be Seen (Saturday, 10:30- 5 pm)
Empathy and Self-Compassion
• The Arena
• Shame and the Arena Door
• Understanding Shame
• The Armory


Day 3: Live Brave (Sunday 10:30-4 pm)
Shame Shields
• Ideal and Unwanted Identities
• Cultivating Shame Resilience



The workshop is a didactic, interactive, and process -oriented workshop which includes The Daring Way ™ curriculum, exclusive Brene Brown Daring Way videos, self-exploration exercises, and group work. The workshop facilitator, Dr. Cherie King, is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (candidate) who has completed facilitator training and receives supervision and consultation/mentoring from a member of The Daring Way ™ Senior Faculty Team.


Cherie is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Central Connecticut State University Counselor Educator and Family Therapy Department. She is also the program coordinator of the Professional Counseling Program which includes clinical mental health, clinical rehabilitation, and addictions recovery counseling specializations. She has been working as a clinical and vocational rehabilitation counselor for over 30 years.